How soon can a reply to a request be expected?

Our customer service will take care of your request as soon as possible. We guarantee our reply will be in your inbox in 24 hours during the working days.

What type of accommodation is on offer?

We offer hotels, hostels, apartments and campsite.

Is it possible to make payments in instalments?


How do I pay the second instalment?

The payment link for the second instalment payment (which is 70% from the total price) will be sent to you via email, on the email address given in the booking registration.

Do full payments need to be made prior to the festival?

All accommodation payments must be made in full in advance. The last installment is due 60 days prior to the event.

Unsuccessful Booking Attempt

In order for your booking to succeed this time, please follow these simple instructions:

In case you want to finalize your last unsuccessful booking, please let us know, and we’ll turn it into a successful one, and we’ll send you the payment link to go only through the payment procedure again.

First ENABLE the cookies (we use our own and third-party cookies to improve your experience and our services, by analyzing browsing on our website).

And please try booking over the computer, NOT OVER THE CELL PHONE (use someone else’s if it didn’t work out using your own)

The web browsers we recommend are MOZILLA FIREFOX, GOOGLE CHROME OR SAFARI (we don’t recommend using Internet Explorer).

If you’re credit card payment gets denied please contact your bank in order to check if the payment exceeds the credit card limit.

We suggest you to use these credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD or AMEX.

Please let us know if you experience further problems after following these instructions.

How is the quality of accommodation guaranteed?

The categorization of accommodation (number of stars) listed in the travel arrangement programs of Travel2Ultra is provided by the holiday location or is stated by the national categorization of every country and is not evaluated by Travel2Ultra, which is why Travel2Ultra does not take the responsibility for its regularity, unless it is specially marked, that the categorization was evaluated by Travel2Ultra.

Are the sheets and towels required?

Sheets and towels are provided in hotels and apartments (unless stated otherwise). Hostels provide sheets, but no towels. If you’re planning on staying in a camp, you have to bring your own tent, camping gear, sheets and towels.

Why to book Ultra hotels

Some of the hotels in our offer have all rooms reserved for guest who are attending Ultra music festival. Some of the largest accommodation facilities have special representative of Travel2Ultra present at the reception to help with the check-in. Hotels offer the breakfast service included in price, unless it is stated otherwise.

Is the apartment/room difficult to find? What is the address?

You will get all the information about the address of the accommodation in the last notification if you are staying in the hotel, camp or hostel. In case you choose an apartment, you will get the information at our check-in point. You will be able to use your own transport or use our transport service.

When will I get the name and address of my apartment?

We will send an information mail about 10 days prior to the festival. It will contain the reference to the check-in/info-point in Split. Bring your booking confirmation to the given check-in point and the staff will give you the apartment address.

What time may I check-in?

Check-in is available on the date of arrival between 3 pm and 11 pm.

What time must the accommodation be vacated?

Check-out on the date of your departure is by 10 am.


Is there parking at Ultra Beachville campsite?

Unfortunately not inside the campsite, but there are many spaces in close proximity of the campsite.

Will there be available lockers to put valuables away and are they at an additional cost?

Locker stations will be available within the campsite. You may rent them for an affordable fee for the entire duration of your stay. Most lockers can fit smaller items such as smaller bags, phones, tablets and laptops.

How many lockers will there be?

Usually we have around 1,000 lockers available.

Where can we charge our electronic devices at the campsite?

Fear not, for we have our own charging station that can charge more than 600 devices simultaneously.

May we enter the campsite with own camper?

Unfortunately not, since our campsite is only on a tent or beach houses basis. We take account that many partygoers want to be part of the Beachville experience and therefore cannot accept campers since they take up valuable tent space.

Food at Beachville?

From standard hamburgers to exquisite calamari and from meat specialties to refreshing vegetarian and vegan offers, you will find it all within Galeb campsite. There are the campsite’s official restaurants with self-service or a la carte offers, plenty of fast-food offer at one of our Party Arena F&B stands. Be sure that there will be a wide range of traditional Croatian cuisine and the usual international food offers.

Will there be any shops and restaurants at the campsite?

Yes of course there will.

If I book the tent included campsite option, what does the tent include?

The tent rent includes the tent only. You have to provide your own sleeping bags and mattresses.

What facilities does the official Ultra Europe campsite Beachville offer?

The Ultra Europe Beachville campsite is organized in the actual campsite with all the usual facilities – toilets, showers, kitchen, restaurant, reception, electricity, cell phone charging point, lockers, barbecue etc.

If I rent a tent and it is included in the campsite package; may I keep the tent?

No. The tents are for rent only.

Is it allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the campsite?

Yes it is. It’s not allowed only to bring alcohol drinks in the campsite area.


How will the documentation regarding my booking (receipt) be delivered?

Documents are sent to your e-mail automatically when your payment is complete. Additional information regarding your arrival/booking will be sent to your e-mail one week before your arrival.

Will the festival tickets be sent to my home address?

No. One week before the festival starts we’ll send you the coded vouchers on your email address, which you’ll exchange for the real festival tickets once you arrive to Split.


How long do the Boat Parties last?

Approximately 3 hours. Enjoy the perfect sounds and sun. And the sea.

Can we bring our own food and beverages onto the Boat Parties?

We do allow our guests to bring a snack with them but no personal drinks are allowed. Don’t worry though we serve really affordable drinks.


How to book airport transfer?

Please visit the tab »Airport transfers« to find information about airport transfers or simply CLICK HERE.


What local transfer is available and how is it booked?

Local transfer is by bus between festival venue and a bus station near your accommodation. Please visit tab »Festival shuttle« or simply CLICK HERE to book it and obtain more information.

Can a local transfer be provided for any accommodation booked through your page?

Local bus transfers / festival shuttles are provided for all accommodation booked through our website. You will be able to use regular city bus lines “Promet Split” or Direct Beachville shuttle line. All our accommodation is within walking distance of the local bus stations.


Where can the general terms and conditions for the chosen service be found?

To see general terms and conditions please check Terms&conditions

Where can the cancellation policy be found?

To see cancellation policy please check the Terms&conditions

What is the tourist tax?

Registration and the payment of the tourist tax for domestic and foreign guests are mandatory according to the Tourist Tax Act and the Movement And Stay Of Foreign Persons Act. The client is obliged to pay the tourist tax together with the accommodation. The daily tourist tax is 1,00 € unless stated otherwise.

Why do we pay a deposit?

The deposit is an insurance against possible disappearance, damage to or destruction of your apartment or property. The security deposit is either returned to you or retained by us as a compensation for possible damage. All deposits are payable to landlord.

What travel documents are required for entering Croatia?

For all entry document-related issues, please visit

Where can money be exchanged?

At exchange offices and banks in Split and surroundings, and on the island Hvar.

Can payments in bars, restaurants etc also be made in Euros in Croatia?

The official currency in Croatia is Kuna (HRK) and is the only legal tender. There are cash points located across Split to draw Kunas from, but please bring enough in advance to cover the majority of your stay as these can be very busy/run out of funds during the festival period due to the amount of people using them.