We are offering quick and easy transfer solutions from all the main airports. Our vehicles are buses and vans. In 2014 over 4.000 people used our airport transfer services.
Split  1h x 2h 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 July  13 / 14 / 15 / 16 July
Zadar 2h 3h x
Dubrovnik 4h 5h x
Zagreb 7h 8h x
NOTE: Guests coming from Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik airport and stay in Beachville choose Split check in 1(connecting transfer will be arranged from Split check 1 in to Beachville free of charge)
NOTE:  All OUTBOUND transfers are from Split Check in 1. You can reach Split Check in 1 (city centre) with the festival shuttle or taxi
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Since Ultra Europe is a major event, it’s not at all uncommon to think that it’s going to be quite a task to accommodate all our guests. To be more precise, only a small portion of people will be within walking distance of the main venue (Poljud stadium). Therefore we have arranged a special limited festival bus service for all of you visiting Split this summer.

NOTE: The shuttle bus ticket may be purchased in advance and is valid for unlimited rides on the buses for the purchased time period. The shuttle bus ticket is validated when you take the first bus ride.

Ultra Europe festival shuttle   Ultra Europe festival shuttle   Ultra Europe festival shuttle Festival-shuttle--map-click-here
The Ultra Boat Party is a unique experience that will be one of the highlights of your summer 2015. More than 6.000 young people were ready to party last year, on one of the best music festivals in the world and they upgraded their fun with a boat party.

Check our Boat Party departure schedule and book now!


In addition to the Boat Parties taking place in and around the bay of Split, we have organized a special Ultra Europe BOAT PARTY - Ultra Beach Edition to take you to Hvar, to take part at the Ultra Beach Party on the island. Party your way to the most spectacular day of the Ultra Europe festival.

Book the option including only the transfer from Split to Hvar Island and back to Split or choose the package option, including the BOAT PARTY transfer to the island and the ticket to the beach party at Amfora Grand Beach Resort.

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Ultra Europe campsite

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Ultra Europe Boat Party

More then 6000 ravers in 2014

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