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So it’s not a myth anymore. Ultra Europe has stood its ground and proven that it is a big time player on the international EDM music scene.

Even though music plays and irreplaceable role in our concept, we always think about the big picture. We realized that it’s the destination and people that matter the most, besides getting the world’s best DJ’s to play.

In just four editions we were able to put smiles on the faces of over 150,000 people from over 130 countries in the world. We were able to completely change the image of a region and country and make the world capital of EDM for a few days – the 4,000,000+ live viewers that we have on live-streaming each year prove it.

Consider us the newest family member to the worldwide franchise of Ultra Music Festivals ltd. Together with our sister festivals in Seoul, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Johannesburg and the original mega scale event in Miami, we are creating a new worldwide experience and way of fun.

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